Frequently Asked Questions


Q:     What are InfoBuds™
A:     InfoBuds™ is a dynamic multi-sensory digital Audio in Print marketing tool.
With built-in personal earbuds that play your pre-recorded message while being attached to a printed mini booklet, OR expandable fold-out content page, this audio enhanced print media marketing tool is ideal for today’s brands that need more. 

Q:      In what industries can InfoBuds™ be used?
A:      InfoBuds™ are particularly useful in the pharmaceutical, medical device and emerging medical cannabis industries, where information and educational  marketing & training products are of paramount importance but they are equally beneficial & useful across a broad range of businesses & industries! Automotive, hospitality & travel, real estate, cruise ships, sports & entertainment, financial, education, medical and so much more !  They’re also an amazing audio marketing tool for politicians.

Q:      How long can the audio messaging be ?
A:      Standard pre-recorded audio is either 1, 2 or 3 minutes, but we could accommodate longer audio messaging if necessary.

Q:      Who records the voice-over?
A:      You can provide the audio files, or, we can arrange professional male or female voice actors to read your script for a nominal fee.

Q:      What if we need help with graphic design and layout?
A:      Never a problem, our fully integrated state of the art graphic studio & design lab can help design InfoBuds™ exclusively for your brand!
          We provide agency quality results for fractions of the cost.  Call to find out more.

Q:      The fold-out sheet is rather large, I don’t have enough content.  What do we do ?
A:      Don’t worry, we can supply small, medium or large folded content sheet, or not at all.  InfoBuds™ can be designed to meet your specific audio marketing needs.

Q:      Can you produce standard booklet format with pages instead of the fold out page ?
A:      Yes, we can produce these in booklet format with however many pages is required.

Q:      Why is there a slit on the back cover?
A:      This is optional for accommodating a business card.

Q:      What are minimum and maximum order quantities ?
A:      Minimum order quantity is 500 pcs.  There is no maximum.  We’ve delivered million piece orders for the pharmaceutical & automotive industry.

Q:      How long is production and how do you ship these ?

A:      Info Buds™ are produced offshore in our 9001 certified factory.  Generally we require, 35-40 days plus 5 days air shipping.

Q:      Can you insert provided prescription information sheets (PI’s) with each InfoBuds™?

 A:        Yes, you’ll pay for shipping of the PI’s to our overseas factory, and there is a nominal fee to insert with each InfoBuds™

Q:      We want to distribute these in a doctor’s office.  Can you provide counter top display boxes.
A:      Yes, easy.  Call for quote.

Q:      How long will batteries last and are they re-chargeable ?

A:      The batteries will last for several hours.  Re-charging is not necessary or required.

Q:      How much do they cost and will you sell to anyone ?
A:      We are a Veteran Supplier member with SAGE & PPAI.  We work with print & promotional products distributors.  SAGE 69655.

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